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If you have ever considered cashing-in your old unwanted gold and silver, you have come to the right place. Kingston Gold is brought to you by Canada Gold, one of the country’s largest and most-trusted gold buyers with locations from coast-to-coast. We are dedicated to offering the best value for your gold and silver. With gold prices near all time highs, now is a great time to sell your unwanted gold jewellery, scrap gold, silver jewellery, coins and more! We offer the best service and highest payouts guaranteed!

Kingston Gold is Canadian owned and operated, and fully committed to providing our clients with the absolute best service, trusted advice and transparent testing methods. The process is simple: our payouts for gold are posted daily and we test and weigh your gold right in front of you. This way, you know exactly what the value of your gold is before you make the decision to sell it. Browse our website and educate yourself on how it works, what we pay and what to expect.

If you are ready to cash in your gold, we have two convenient options: come visit us in person at our convenient location at 32 Montreal St. in downtown Kingston, or request an insured, prepaid mail package from us to mail in your gold, cash-in without even leaving home! We have the guaranteed highest payouts in the industry and we pay on the spot. If you want to cash-in your gold, we have you covered. Stop by today for a free estimate

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